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Kos Town.

Many guidebooks call Kos “The Island of Hippocrates” and many tourists like the stories about the father of medicine.

According to the legend the tree was planted about 2400 years ago by Hippocrates himself who used its shade to teach his students in this place.
The tree looks very old but it cannot be more than 800 years old. However, there may be a scientific rationale behind the legend. The fact is that a young plane tree is growing near the old one and it may be regarded as its natural descendant.

It's about 30 to 35 minutes to Kos town from Kardamena by car.

Daytrips to Nisyros Island  from Kardamena.

About an hour by boat takes you to Nisyros Island. The capital, Mandraki, has pretty whitewashed houses and a 15th-century monastery above it. There’s also the mountain village of Nikia, perched on the rim of a volcanic crater, where the houses have brightly coloured doors and the square is paved with black pebbles. From here you can walk to the bubbling volcano floor. Another option takes you 40 minutes away to Kos Town, for the waterfront Castle of Neratzia, built by the Knights Templar.

Plaka Forest

 When you had enough of the hassle and bustle of the city center, there lies the Plaka Forest which is easily accessible. Situated near the village of Antimachia, on the way to Kefalos, the traveler may find a natural park with a growing population of peacocks.


Paradise Beach or Bubble Beach

Located on the island’s south-west coast, this heavenly beach has rightly earned its name. Fine white sand, clean shallow water and a perfect orientation towards the magnificent Greek sunsets, Paradise beach is always full of people enjoying its welcoming water, variety of water sports and gorgeous views from the cafes and tavernas that line the beach. Its about 25 minutes from Kardamena.

Agios Stefanos beach at Kefalos,
Nature and history come together on Agios Stefanos beach, the island’s most photographed beach.
The ruins of paleo-Christian churches just steps from the sea, its clean water, golden sand, the islet of Kastri, a small rock in the sea capped by the picturesque church of Agios Nikolaos, its fully equipped beach and water sports options, have all made Agios Stefanos one of the most popular beaches on Kos. Its about 25 minutes to kefalos by car

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